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Why choose Tenshon?

Tenshon has had the privilege of providing the highest quality shade solutions to customers all over the world. When we say we distribute our products “worldwide,” we really mean it. For over a decade, we have provided thousands of commercial and residential shade sails in almost every state in the USA as well as in places like the Ukraine, The Bahamas, China, Mexico, Saipan, Canada, United Kingdom and Croatia.

We know it’s easy to say we have thousands of happy customers and products all over the world and hope you’ll believe us. So, we’d like to take it one step further and show you where our customers are located. Click on the map markers to zoom in and see an actual satellite image of some of our installed shade products.

*Images may not be available at all locations. All map markers represent an individual customer Tenshon has sold at least one shade product to in the last 3 years. Tenshon does not have control over how often Google updates their map images and some customers may remove their shade sails during certain times of the year or during certain weather conditions.*

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The shade sails were a pleasure to use for Blue Hour at Light City Baltimore. All the hardware was of the highest quality and functioned admirably over the course of a rainy, extremely windy, and intensely busy festival week. You should know that the work experienced some 50+ mph winds during the festival and everything held together wonderfully.

Dan, New American Public Art, MA

I have purchased HDPE fabric for shade sails and other shade structures from Tenshon for many years. The quality of their products and customer service can't be beat and I'll continue to use them for all of my shade fabric needs for years to come.

Steven, Suwanee, GA

Great selection of shade sail sizes and colors and excellent instructional videos to assist with the install.

Bill, Los Angeles, CA

The product is very well made and of commercial grade. You can't buy something like this at the local home center!

Nick, Clarkdale, AZ