Shade Sail Product Manufacturing

At Tenshon, we employ the latest computer and sail making technology to ensure that all of our products are made at the highest quality possible. Fabrication timelines vary depending upon the type of sail or structure we are building. During the manufacturing stage, as every other stage, our Tenshon project managers will keep you informed of the progress we are making on your product.

In residential projects a 100% deposit is required to begin production. Immediately after a deposit is received, we will begin the fabrication of your shade sail, shade canopy or shade structure. If manufacturing is all that was contracted, shipping or pick-up will be arranged and final payment is due in order for Tenshon to release the goods, unless another arrangement has been contracted specifically.

With commercial projects the manufacturing terms and payment vary based on the specific project with which we are involved. Contact Tenshon with regard to your specific situation. However typically, manufacturing begins after the building permit is issued by the specific municipality within which the structure is ultimately being placed.