Shade Sail Product Resellers

Tenshon is first and foremost a manufacturer. Accordingly, we are always looking for experienced companies interested in broadening their product offering, or improving on the one they already offer. Whether you currently sell shade sails or shade structures, are in a related business, or simply have an interest in carrying our products, we are interested in speaking with you about carrying our product line. As an authorized reseller you will receive access to our entire shade product catalog and access to leads received by Tenshon.

We frequently receive phone calls from customers and clients around the United States and the world, who would like a local contractor to come to their home, business or project location and meet with them about their specific projects. We refer these types of calls to our reseller network. Along with our high quality product offerings, you will receive our assistance in teaching you more about the product, install methods and common pitfalls to help you get ahead of the learning curve. We truly believe that our success is directly related to your success, so we are anxious to see you succeed.

One of the other calls that we often receive is from customers wanting to visit a local store that carries our product. Accordingly, we also work with boutiques and shops of all sizes looking to carry our product in their “brick and mortar” store. Plant Nurseries, home and garden shops, construction supply stores are just a few examples of the types of shop-based resellers that we work with.

If you have any questions or would like more information about becoming a reseller, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To get a head start on becoming a reseller; download, fill out, and send us the form below.

Download: Reseller Application (616kb)