Shade Sail Product Design

Every shade structure begins with a great idea. While in most cases one of our standard products will fit the shade need perfectly, for projects that require customization, Tenshon representatives work closely with our resellers and directly with the end user in many cases, to conceptualize and design the perfect shade sail or shade structure for your specific project.

If you live in an area in which Tenshon, or an authorized reseller is present, one of our representatives will meet you on-site for a free site survey and initial consultation. During this meeting we will determine what kind of structure you need, how the structure would best be placed within your project and discuss general design possibilities. In the case that we cannot meet you on site, we are also available to communicate via email, phone, fax or videoconference if that is what our clients require.

After the initial site survey, our design specialists will take your ideas and bring them to life. They will put together a production proposal that will show a rendering of your shade sail or structure and the terms of the manufacturing agreement, complete with price. This will roughly illustrate what the shade sail or shade structure will look like before purchase.

In most commercial applications, a bid process is explored by an authorized Tenshon Reseller or by Tenshon itself. At which time, Tenshon will first enter a quote with our renderings of the project to our reseller. When a bid is awarded, the client usually supplies the actual manufacturing agreement and our reseller will request manufacturing to begin. If Tenshon contracts directly with the end user the process will be similar, though without the involvement of one of our resellers. Finally, when required we can also provide detailed engineering services as part of the agreement for any of our shade structures when required. A deposit of 100% of the full contract price is required to begin work on your project.