Shade Fabric for Shade Sail Products


Material Specifications

Shade fabric is made from extruded and UV stabilized high density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament and tape yarns. The fabric is constructed by knitting together the monofilament and tape yarns using a 'raschel' lock-stitch pattern designed to significantly reduce the spreading of tears/cuts. The fabric is then heat stentered to reduce shrinkage.

HDPE fabric is mold resistant and waterproof however the 'mesh' pattern creates small gaps in coverage which allows some water to pass through. Layering and sloping can successfully improve water deflection and rain shed. The advantage of having gaps in coverage is that it allows warmer air to rise through the fabric, helping to reduce the temperature below.

Our shade fabric comes in various colors and provides up to 98% UV sun protection.

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Mass and UV Block

10.3 oz per sq. yd. (340gsm) - Commercial Grade

93.5% to 97.6% UV block (color discrepancy)

Surface Burning Classification (ASTM E84) - Class I/A Fire Retardant

Flame Spread Index (FSI) - 25

Smoke Developed Index (SDI) - 105

Fabric Data Sheet pdf   Data sheet (pdf)