Sail Shade Structures


Tenshon offers ready-to-install kits for many of our shade sail products. These structures are the easiest way to achieve coverage over an area where a custom shade solution isn't needed.

These permanent structures are excellent for providing sun protection over places like parks, playgrounds, patios, backyards, and restaurants. As long as there is ample space for the support posts, one of our kits can be used.

Even though this solution may not be the perfect fit for every outdoor living space, many of our customers find these ready-to-install kits meet their needs. Review the list of information below to find out if one of our kits is exactly what you need for your next DIY project.

  1. Tenshon's sail shade structure kits come with everything you need to complete your installation as soon as it arrives at your home or business. This includes all posts, anchor bolts, perimeter wire, corner anchor hardware, and, most importantly, the shade sail fabric of your choice.
  2. The highly tensile shade fabric used in our kits is made from HDPE. This type of cloth provides maximum sun protection while remaining breathable to keep the area underneath the canopy cool.
  3. Our shade structures come in three shapes: triangle, square, and rectangle. If you are in need of an irregular shape, custom shade sails are available and can be purchased by contacting a project manager.
  4. We offer various sizes with sides between 9 feet and 25 feet. Visit our online store to browse the many sizes combinations available.
  5. These ready-to-install kits are designed to save our customers time and money because they are pre-manufactured in our standard shapes and sizes.
  6. Our shade structures are perfect for both commercial and residential installations and are most commonly used to provide sun protection in backyards, patios, swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, and common areas.

Visit our online store to shop for a sail shade canopy kit for your next DIY project.  If you are in need of a custom shade structure, contact a project manager to discuss all of the options available.

See examples of shade structures in our Photo Gallery

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