Roman Shades


Roman shades, also known as wave shades or retractable shades, are the perfect solution for those that want flexibility in the amount of coverage a shade structure provides.

Unlike shade panels and shade sails, roman shades are suspended using two parallel wire cables that run the entire length of the shade and allow it to be expanded and retracted to any position. This gives our customers the ability to customize the amount of coverage the canopy provides based on their individual needs.

The following list of information on our roman shade products will help you decide if they are the best solution for you.

  1. Tenshon's roman shades are made from high quality HDPE fabric, just like our shade sails. HDPE fabric offers up to 97% UV protection and comes in a variety of colors. If you need more information on our HDPE fabric, our shade fabric page is the place to look.
  2. Standard roman shades are made in widths of 3' and 4' and a variety of lengths. Custom roman shades can be made in many more widths and lengths depending on your specific needs.
  3. To achieve the wave-like pattern that roman shades are recognized for, we can add extra length to the design. This will result in a more relaxed look, even when the fabric is fully extended.
  4. Installation requires four anchor points, two at each end. Parallel wire cables are attached to each anchor point and the shade fabric is suspended along the two cables. Additional support posts may be required along the center of the shade if it is so long that the required tension cannot be achieved.
  5. Customers can achieve any level of sun shade protection they desire by retracting the shade panels to any position along the wire cables. In addition to the artistic and beautiful design, the ability to have full shade on a sunny afternoon and partial, or no shade, coverage in the evenings is one of the benefits our customers enjoy most.
  6. The most common applications of roman shades are residential backyard patios, pergolas, and decks. They are also perfect for installations over restaurant patios and open areas at commercial office buildings.

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