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Shade Panels Over Patio


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Learn More About Tenshon Shade Panels

Installing shade panels to an existing structure is an aesthetically pleasing and simple way to add shade to any outdoor living space.

At Tenshon, we have been providing the highest quality shade canopies to our customers for over a decade. We have provided residential and commercial shade installations on everything from patios to fences and baseball dugouts to pergolas. 

Not sure if our panels are the right fit for your project? The following list of information will help you decide if this is the right solution for you:

  1. Our tensile fabric panels are made from the same high quality HDPE fabric as our shade sails. HDPE fabric is breathable, provides a high percentage of UV protection, and comes in a variety of colors. Visit our shade fabric page to find out more.
  2. They come in square or triangular shapes with straight sides and can be made to just about any length you need.
  3. Grommets and reinforcement webbing are installed around the perimeter of the shade panels to allow the panel to be attached at multiple places and to provide strength and stability to the structure.
  4. The panels are generally attached to existing structures where additional shade is needed. 

Contact a project manager to find out more about shade panel installations and to see if this product is the best solution for your project.

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