Greasing the Shade Sail Turnbuckle


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The most common issue with installing turnbuckles is having the threads seize during installation. Typically, this occurs because the threads were not thoroughly greased before use. This can be easily avoided by prepping your turnbuckles prior to installation.

  1. Locate or purchase a tube of white lithium grease. We have found the paste version (similar to toothpaste consistency), to be the only type that works well. Sprays and other lubricants do not sufficiently coat the threads.
  2. Entirely remove each of the threaded eyelets from the body of the turnbuckles.
  3. Liberally apply the grease to the ENTIRE thread. This can be messy, so it may be helpful to have some paper towels on hand.
  4. Re-insert each threaded eye so that it has threaded about a quarter of an inch, or until you see the threads start to emerge into the body of the turnbuckle. Remember that the threaded eyes will rotate opposite directions, as one has left-hand thread and the other has right-hand thread. Make sure you are turning the threaded eye the appropriate direction or it will not thread into the body properly.