Attaching a Turnbuckle


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Attaching a turnbuckle to the sail is a simple task.  However, if not performed correctly it can cause issues with the rest of the installation process.  

  1. Start by applying white lithium grease to the turnbuckle (See "Greasing the Turnbuckle" for more detail on this process).
  2. Make sure the shade sail perimeter wire rope has been run properly (See the "Perimeter Wire Rope - Turnbuckles & Pulleys" page for more information), and that the sail is laid out nearby.
  3. Make sure your turnbuckle is fully open.  This should have been achieved when applying the grease.
  4. Take the two D-shackles and unscrew the pin from each one.
  5. Put one of the pin-less D-shackles around both the wire rope and the d-ring of a corner.  Then insert the pin on the turnbuckle side, so that the shackle pin threads the eye of the turnbuckle.  Make sure the pin is tightly twisted on, being careful not to over tighten. The perimeter wire rope and the ring should both be connected to the shackle.  Please make sure that the wire rope stays on top of the d-ring and this stage and throughout installation.
  6. Repeat this action for each corner of the sail.  The remaining D-shackle from each corner will be utilized in connecting the sail to the attachment points.