Attaching a Commercial Bracket


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After running the perimeter wire rope, you are now ready to attach the commercial brackets
  1. Be sure that the entire usable range of the threaded rod is greased in preparation for the install (see the Greasing the Commercial Bracket Rod page).
  2. Remove the nuts from the bolts and remove the top plate and mid plate from the assembly.
  3. Insert the HDPE mid-plate between the two layers of fabric on the corner, aligning the holes and making sure it is sandwiched between the main body of the sail and the reinforcement tab.
  4. Place the bottom bracket (the one shaped more like a tear drop, without the welded tube) with the bolts going upward through the bottom layer of fabric, then the HDPE disc, then the second reinforcement layer of fabric.  The hole at the top of the teardrop should not be under the fabric.  It is meant to be used as a shade sail installation aid. 
  5. Place the top plate and tensioning rod down on top of the reinforcement and bolts.
  6. Place the washers on the bolts followed by hand tightening on the bolts to the entire assembly. The bolts should then be tightened down snug with a wrench or impact drill.
  7. Make sure the wire rope sits in the groove between the bottom plate and upper plate, sliding against the HDPE mid-plate.
  8. Repeat all of the above steps in the section, for each corner.