Attach a Commercial Bracket to a Shade Sail


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  • Make sure you have run wire rope through the perimeter pocket, added wire rope clamps, attached the brackets to the corners of the sail, and greased the tensioning rod.
  • Start attaching the commercial brackets to the connection points. With the commercial bracket fully extended, hang your first corner by attaching the bow-shackle to the connection point and the commercial bracket. It’s best to start at a corner with a higher attachment point.
  • Attach the remaining corners in the same way as the first. If the sail has more than 3 sides it is best to attach opposite corners first rather than move around the perimeter. The final corner may require a come along, winch or tensioning device. While attaching the corners of the sail, the wire rope should be sliding with the stretching fabric. Make sure that your wire rope clamps are loose enough that this can happen. Also make sure that the wire rope remains in the groove between the upper and lower plates of the brackets.
  • If a safety chain was purchased, attach it from the bracket to the corner. Be sure to tighten down the quick-link on the safety chain.
  • Once you have connected the sail at every corner you should remove slack from the wire rope if there is any. Push the loose ends further into the pocket as slack is pulled out of the corner loop. You are then ready to tighten down the nuts on the wire rope clamps with a ratchet or socket wrench.
  • Once the wire rope clamps are tight, tighten down the commercial bracket rods until your sail has achieved your desired tightness. This is accomplished by turning the nut closest to the tube on the top of the bracket with a wrench, so that the corner of the sail is being drawn toward the attachment point with every turn. Tighten slowly and be mindful of binding or seizing. Add grease as needed as it is important that the rod is well lubricated. If you find that the sail is bunching, you may need to loosen the wire rope a little bit to let out some more length. Then promptly tighten the wire rope clamps again.
  • Finish each corner by tightening down the lock nut against the tensioning nut on the rod and tightening down all of the nuts and bolts at every corner.