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Matching Larger Shade Sails with the Right Hardware

Taylor Bailey

Here at Tenshon, we use turnbuckles for all of our standard shade sails. Each turnbuckle has two eyebolts screwed into a single metal body. One eyebolt has left hand threads, and one has right hand threads. As a result, turning the body one direction will bring the bolts in, and the other will let them out, thus increasing and decreasing tension respectively. With a turnbuckle at each corner, the tension in the shade sail can be adjusted according to needs.

Commercial Bracket

For most of our larger sails, however, we take our hardware up a notch with commercial brackets (shown above). We’ve designed our commercial brackets to stand up to the added stress of larger sails and provide the extra tension needed. Additionally, a wider surface area of contact with the fabric prevents corners from tearing under the heavier load. While turnbuckles attach to a d-ring sewn into the corner of the sail, commercial brackets sandwich the fabric between two plates and an HDPE disk. These plates are bolted together through the fabric to ensure that the load is distributed well. When it comes time for tightening the sail, a tensioning rod allows for over half a foot more take than turnbuckles do, meaning you will have the additional room needed to sufficiently adjust your shade sail.

Commercial bracket taken apart

Put simply, if you’re designing a custom shade sail larger than our standards, then commercial brackets are the way to go. They will stand the test of time, never failing to provide adequate tension and look great doing it. Click the picture above to learn how to install a shade sail using commercial brackets. For pricing and specs, click the first picture. Still unsure about whether to use turnbuckles or commercial brackets? Contact us to talk with one our project managers about your specific needs. 

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