How to Measure Your Shade Sail Project Area

If you're unsure exactly how you want to apply shade to a given area, you'll want to start with some top down sketches of the area you're looking to shade and run some ideas through one of our project managers. If you already know where you want your shade sail, great! The next step is to install your mounting points. Once the mounting points are installed, the next step is to provide us with measurements so we can make your sail.

We can make a sail to fit many irregular dimensions, but there are practical limitations. If your attachments are already in place, but won't accommodate a functional shade sail, we may not be able to pattern for them.

There are two sets of attachment point measurements we will need from you, one for heights and one for distances.

First, we need you to provide the height of each attachment point. For this, measure from the ground up to the center of the mounting hole.

Next, we will need the distances between the attachment points. Note, simply measuring the distance between poles won't suffice, since it doesn't take into account the variation in the height of attachment points. While these additional inches may not seem like a big deal, this extra distance could mean the difference between a shade sail that fits properly and one that does not.

When measuring attachment point distances, be sure to measure from the inside edge of the hole where your hardware will attach on one corner, to the inside edge of the other corners. Like this:



For the distance measurements, you will need to measure the distances around the perimeter. If your sail has more than three corners, it is important to include all diagonal measurements. This is because there are many shapes that can be made with the same perimeter lengths. For example, each of the below shapes have the same side lengths, but are clearly different:


Shapes & Dotted Lines


To keep track of the measurements, it is important to stay organized. We rely on you to provide accurate dimensions so that we can pattern your sail to fit perfectly. A mixed up number can lead to a shade sail that won't fit well.

Here's what we suggest doing. Start by drawing the rough shape of the sail as seen from above. Then mark the corners with letters.

Write “pole heights” and then list your pole letters below it. Measure the first attachment height and then record the height for that pole. Continue until you have the heights recorded for each attachment point.

Next, write “distances” and make a list of all the measurements you need between the attachment points. List them by using two letters for each measurement. Make a measurement, then record it. Continue until you have all the distances recorded.

Below is an example of what this could look like.

Shade sail measurements

As always, if you have any questions about your specific application, feel free to contact us!