A Fire in the Trees

September 28, 2016

A Fire in the Trees

In the backwoods of Colorado, the leaves have almost entirely transformed from their summertime green to a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and gold. A tame breeze tickles the leaves, and they rustle like a gentle fire in the trees. Tucked in the aspens is a two-story wood home with a pleasant cabin feel. The large wooden back deck has chairs and small tables enough for a family to gather around and play a friendly card game. It is shaded by two red triangular shade sails attached to the house at four points and an exterior metal post at a fifth. The red sails match the autumn forest mood as well as the wooden rafters of the elegant home. At each corner, a small turnbuckle provides tension to give the sail a smooth look, and a perimeter wire rope distributes that tension throughout the entire fabric membrane, preventing tearing at the corners. Beneath one attachment point are two bird feeders that introduce wildlife into the scene.

A stone brick chimney towers over the home, and one face displays a long wooden oar that suggests the family enjoys an exciting day at the nearby lake. A father and his two sons are down on the water in a canoe parting its smooth surface with their wooden vessel. The water ahead of them is glass, untouched by the wind or other visitors and reflecting the sun peaking over the trees in the east. The youngest boy sits in front of his father as he learns for the first time how use a jay stroke. His older brother, stronger and more experienced steers from the stern and the family bonds over the time spent together on the lake.

Back at the home, warm lights in and outside the house blend with the surrounding fall colors. Wide, expansive windows open the house to the outdoors. The beauty of the colorful forest comes in through the windows, leaving the wildlife safely outside. The modern look of the tensioned shade sails on the porch adds to but does not distract from the beautiful scenery. While the primary purpose of the sail is to provide shade from the sun, a secondary quality is that is looks amazing in any backyard. It gives an iconic style to a variety of settings anywhere from this quiet home in the woods to a busy outdoor restaurant in the city. A shade sail is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, whether you are a business owner or the owner of your own stunning home.

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