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Shade Panels and Metal Dinosaurs at Desert Horizon Nursery

Taylor Bailey

The versatility of shade panels is manifested not only in their various sizes, but also in their applications. Many are suspended horizontally over areas that need to be kept cool and out of direct sunlight, like above a deck, or on top of a batting cage. Still others are hung vertically, to block out late sun, or to create a barrier between two areas. At Desert Horizon Nursery in Queen Creek, AZ, they utilized custom panels along the perimeter fence line to both divide the nursery from its neighbors and to separate the customer area from further working areas beyond.

Desert Horizon is a plant nursery that sells a wide spectrum of plants and yard art for most landscaping needs. From saguaro cacti and peach trees to oversized patriotic metal roosters, there really is a huge selection of plant life and decorations. Check out the lineup of prehistoric to modern metal art they've got going on:

Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panel and Metal Rooster Desert Horizon Nursery Metal Tyrannosaurus Rex Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panels Desert Horizon Nursery Metal Triceratops Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panel and Fruit Trees Desert Horizon Nursery Metal Allosaurus Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panel and Metal Horse-Drawn Carriage Desert Horizon Nursery Metal Sasquatch Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panel and Metal Tyrannosaurus Rex Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panel Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panel and Metal Horse and Plants Desert Horizon Nursery Shade Panel and Metal/Real Cacti

While our shade sails and roman shades are often used because of their unique aesthetic, the choice to use shade panels is more frequently a matter of function. In the case of the nursery, they used a number of shade sails to shade a portion of their area, (as seen in our pulley install videos), but when it came to the perimeter, nothing could do the job quite like panels. Notice our forest colored panels along the fence line behind the plants and statues? They're subtle enough not to draw attention, and the solid backdrop keeps the focus of the customers on the plants and garden decorations they came to see, rather than on what might be beyond the fence. Only panels could be made six feet tall and over fifty feet long, so they were a perfect choice for this application. Desert Horizon can count on multiple seasons out of these panels, because they are made of the same durable shade fabric as our shade sails.

Do you have a shade project in which shade panels might be helpful or even key? Contact us for help in deciding what type of shade is right for your application!

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