Encanterra: A Star in the Desert

May 25, 2016

Encanterra: A Star in the Desert

As the sun rises early over the San Tan Valley of Arizona, six roman shades prevent the light from streaming in through open windows and onto the dreaming residents of a Tuscan style clubhouse called La Casa at Encanterra. They won’t, however, remain asleep long, as they are due for a round of golf at arguably one of the most spectacular courses in the Southwest. They may rise and enjoy eating a light breakfast on their patio, jam on home-baked bread and a cool glass of fresh orange juice. The concrete walls interlaced with sedona and clay colored stones are reminiscent of the Mediterranean homes after which they were patterned. The red romans above match the subdued earthy tones of the structure. They are suspended from rough-hewn beams, and their old world style harmonizes with the Italian architectural theme.

Encanterra Golf Course

Looking out on the rolling hills from their cozy home, this cheerful couple sees not a row of cypress trees along a path leading to a far-off vineyard, but an iconic Tom Lehman-designed golf course. This world class golfer along with his team at Tom Lehman Design have engineered a breathtaking course that is designed to challenge even the most experienced golfers while remaining accessible to players of all skill ranges. The finely manicured green grass contrasts the purple mountains on nearly every horizon. The Superstitions to the north and east and the San Tan Mountains to the south and west nearly encompass the area in strong rocky arms. From the first hole, the course spirals in on itself in a core design, leading to further exclusion from homes and other disturbances, minimizing distractions and magnifying the ability to concentrate and savor the game.

Following a four-hour golf venture, the cool morning will begin to give way to a warm afternoon. But why should anyone lose the opportunity to enjoy the engaging San Tan scenery due to a merciless sun? This couple will enjoy a glass of ice cold lemonade as they sit, content to rest quietly in the shadow of their roman shades. The breathable fabric blocks the harmful rays of the sun without trapping warm air beneath, resulting in a protection from the sun as well as a drop in temperature of over 10 degrees. These life-long companions will return to their home and spend the day engaged in fruitful activities and recreation. Later on, as the mountains reach out to swallow the sun, the full, bright moon will take its place. Once more, a man and his wife can return to their patio to view an exquisite scene, only now it is of the brilliant night sky. The easily transitional roman shades will be drawn back to allow the silver moonlight to spill down and they will watch the sky in hopes to see a shooting star, though they have no more need for a granted wish.




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