A Sanctuary from the Sun

May 18, 2016

A Sanctuary from the Sun

Nestled in the foothills of Piestewa Peak, an oasis within the deserts of Arizona, a ranch-style block home overlooks Paradise Valley below. This comfortable retreat has had several contemporary upgrades, using corten steel accents and railings and providing a modern look and feel. A natural wood paneled back patio provides a calm area for yoga and meditation, overlooking the Spanish-influenced red roofed houses surrounding. Black shade sails provide a cool environment and protection from the sun. Their simple, yet elegant design and color adds a unique style to the space and an escape from the otherwise uncomfortable desert heat.

To the owner of such a home, this patio scene is more than a place of mere relaxation. It is a spiritual haven, a quiet corner in which a focus on yoga may be achieved. This ancient Indian practice, though widely practiced in many western cultures, has its roots in spiritual tranquility. It is a way of stilling the natural turbulence of the soul, organizing the thoughts of the mind and mastering the body. In order to better obtain this peacefulness, the right environment is essential. Wood paneling beneath coupled with the shade from the sleek sails above create an ambience conducive to the quietude needed to practice yoga.

The shade sails employed in this idyllic setting are attached to mounts on the house and steel poles utilizing turnbuckles and lead lines. The sails are stretched taut and the iconic curved sides distribute the tension from the corners throughout the entire sails to produce rigid and durable structures. The sun above is blocked and the air beneath is cooled and those resting in the shade experience temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler. This much-needed cooling is welcomed and appreciated, along with the shade from a piercing Arizona sun.

On the near horizon, Camelback Mountain can be seen. Many enjoy rising with the sun on a new day and climbing to the summit before the heat of a high sun hits the valley like a wave. Upon returning home, and still yearning for the outdoors, they can rest on the patio in the shadow of their sail and reminisce. A cold drink can be enjoyed on wooden benches, and friendly conversation can ensue. As the sun continues to climb, the air beneath the shade sail will remain cool. On this lazy day, family can come and go as they please, and friends are always welcome. As the sun sets, and friends and family gather closer, the conversation may enter a realm of greater meaning. The enjoyable, yet often superficial exchanges of the day often turn to deeper, more heartfelt themes. From sun up to sun down, these companions can always enjoy a personal sanctuary from the sun afforded by their triangular shade sails.

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