Shade Sail Product Wind and Weather Resistance

As a result of strong fabric and proper tension, our shade sails are designed to stand up to normal weather conditions for years without issue. However, we do highly recommend taking them down for uncharacteristically high winds and any snow. Snow allowed to accumulate on a shade sail may stretch it beyond the point from which it can elastically recover, thus losing the ability to stay tight, even when the load is removed.

If you purchase engineering with your custom shade structure, it will be rated to a specific wind rating. It is not recommended that you allow it to endure winds stronger than what is specified.

Note that even though our shade sails are tough, we cannot say the same for every customer’s anchor points. For example, if you install a shade sail on grossly undersized posts or with small eye bolts into a weak part of your house, that post or eye bolt may fail well before the fabric will. Always be sure to use sturdy anchor points to ensure longevity of your shade sail system.