Permitting Shade Sail Structures

Baseplate Detail

Depending on your municipality and the parameters of your shade project, you may need to acquire a permit for your shade structure. Requirements and building codes vary widely between municipalities, so you should check with your local municipality to see what limitations you may have. Some common limitations are minimum distances between your shade structure and nearby buildings, maximum pole heights, and fire rating.

You'll need a site plan of your backyard and stamped engineering of your structure to submit a permitting application. Our engineering services can provide you with stamped engineering, not only for permitting purposes, but to ensure that your structure is designed with safety in mind. Because different municipalities do have different building codes, we won't know exactly what requirements you need to adhere to, so please inform your project manager so that we can design accordingly. The permitting process often takes around a month to complete, so be sure to account for this in your project timeline.