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Engineering Services

Engineering your shade structure is the only way to ensure that the size and details of structural components are adequate for your application. Whether you only need force calculations to pass on to your own structural engineer, or you require full detailed engineering, we can provide that service. We are able to produce footing and structural details for all of our standard and custom projects for submission to municipalities, architects, general contractors, and even homeowners associations. Tenshon is further able to produce these engineering figures stamped and ready for submission to any municipality in the United States. We do not, however, engineer existing structures–such as concrete slabs or building walls-because we cannot account for their structural integrity.

Why do you need stamped engineering? Any structure being built that requires permitting will require stamped engineering. To a municipality, the stamp of a professional engineer signifies that the calculations and resulting details were produced by an engineer who is educated and experienced enough to sign off that the structure is indeed safe under the standards and parameters listed. In order to use a PE stamp, an engineer must have at least a four-year degree in an accredited engineering program, pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, have at least four years of relevant experience under a professional engineer, and pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. This ensures that only truly competent engineers can sign off on structural designs to be permitted. Check with your local municipality to determine whether or not your project needs permitting, and therefore engineering.

Even if your project does not require permitting, engineering is helpful in determining sizing details about your structure that you may otherwise only be able to guess. We want every project to be safe and long lasting, so we will not fabricate poles for custom projects that have not been engineered. We likewise encourage you not to use structural components that have not been dictated by engineering.

Pricing for engineering varies by project and location. Please consult your project manager for exact quotes.