Digging a Footing Hole


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Digging a footing is fairly straightforward; however, it is important to understand that it is one of the most important elements of your structure. Do not guess or undersize this portion of your project. It is always better to overbuild your structure than under build. If Tenshon has provided stamped engineering for your project, please follow it. If we have not engineered the project we strongly suggest you do so. Nearly all project failures occur due to under sizing structural elements like footings. Now that that is established, digging a footing always involves a shovel in some way, so it is important to have one. Aside from a shovel, we have found that a jackhammer with a clay spade attachment and a large pry bar are the most effective tools in digging a hole as quickly as possible. Use the jackhammer and pry bar to loosen all of the dirt and then remove the dirt with the shovel(s). In some cases, a bucket may also be helpful to remove dirt at the very bottom of the hole, that you can’t quite access with a shovel. One word of caution, it is not uncommon to come across low voltage wires, sprinkler lines, and electrical lines. Be aware of these items while you are digging. It can make hard work much harder, wetter or hotter if you encounter one.