Installing the Shade Structure Anchor Bolt Cluster and Cage


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Once your footing hole has been dug to the proper depth and width, you are ready to install your anchor bolt cluster and cage. The exact design and size of these items will be determined by your engineering, if that is a service you have procured.  Engineering is a service that Tenshon can perform.  

  1. Lower the cage down into the hole (which should be deeper than the cage is tall).
  2. Laying a support (4x4s or 2x4s work well for this) across the opening of the hole, attach tie wire to both the cage and the support in at least 2 locations, suspending the cage above the bottom of the hole, but still below the top of the hole. Be sure that the cage is centered in the hole.
  3. Place the anchor bolt cluster on top of the support, centered over the cage, using tie wire as needed.
  4. Use a torpedo level to be sure that the entire configuration is level in all directions.

Special notes:

  • It is important that the top of the rebar cage is below the top of the hole, to ensure that it is fully covered with concrete when you pour.
  • Make sure your baseplate template, nuts and washers all clear the top of the hole, so they do not get concrete on them during the pour.
  • Coating your nuts, washer and the threaded rod that is above the top of the hole with WD40, will help keep concrete from sticking to them and from allowing rust to develop.
  • Make sure that the nuts holding the template in place are tight.  This will keep the rods in the proper position so they will align with the holes on the baseplate.