Recharge and Refuel under a Tenshon Shade Sail

October 26, 2016

Recharge and Refuel under a Tenshon Shade Sail

For many Arizona residents, the mountains and forests north of the valley offer an invigorating escape from the oven of the southwest. Whether camping in the open or staying in a cabin or home, the mountains offer a sweet relief in the form of cool, fresh air. It is not uncommon, when heading north, to pass through Payson, an idyllic mountain town, if not to stay, then at least to refuel, both body and vehicle. There are many places to eat, from fast food locations to steakhouses and grills. There are also several gas stations, including a recently expanded Chevron on the north side of the Highway 260 heading east.

As part of their growth to accommodate the increasing needs of the town, the owners of this Chevron recently included a number of large Tenshon shade sails to cover their new drive thru, carwash, and detailing station behind the building. To the right of the building, cars can enter a carwash and then pull over to one of the vacuum stations, or continue on into the pines a bit to park under a shade sail for further detailing. Those taking advantage of the convenient drive thru feature on the other side can enjoy shade as they wait at the window, even just for a moment, to receive their goods. Neither the employees, nor the customers need to worry about the glare of the sun off the drive thru or car windows.

Payson Chevron Shade Sails

Shade sails serve multiple purposes, as they are both practical for shade from the sun, and architecturally pleasing to view. They add a modern look with a hyperbolic twist in the tensile fabric. The curved edges and tensioned corners keep the sail taut and looking great for years. In this particular application, the Sedona fabric and matching painted poles catch the eye, but do not dismiss the natural beauty of the tall green trees in the background. This is a blend of natural and man-made artistry.

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