Custom Hip Shade Structure


Information to provide:

Column Height: 8'-12': the price is the same;  12'+: price increases with height.

Color: Does not affect price. See color swatches.

Shipping Address: Used to provide a shipping quote.

Product Details:

Hip shade structures are great for shading playground equipment, seating areas, and other outdoor spaces. They can be custom made to meet specific dimensions or entry height requirements. Typical hip structures include:

  • (4) square steel posts
  • Round steel hip arms and ridge
  • (4) Anchor Bolt Clusters with template
  • HDPE shade membrane

Custom hip shade structures are manufactured in the USA using UV stabilized high density polyethylene (HDPE) shade fabric and UV stabilized sewing thread.

All kit components including the hip cover are made when ordered so please verify color and sizing prior to ordering because returns are only accepted under limited circumstances, otherwise all sales are final. Manufacturing turnaround time is generally between 6-8 weeks. Upon approval an expedite service is available for a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks, contact Tenshon for details.

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