Shade Sail Structure Spacing Guides

All of the names of our shade sails are based off of their relaxed dimensions. For example, the SS-18 is a square shade sail with side lengths of 18', the TS-1217 is a triangular shade sail with two 12' sides and one 17' side, and the RS-916 is a rectangular shade sail with two 9' sides and two 16' sides. It's incredibly important to remember that these dimensions are the sizes of the relaxed sail. If you buy an SS-18, don't expect to attach it to poles that are 18' apart.

Hardware Offset and Fabric Stretch

There's a bit of a gap between the tab on a pole and the beginning of the sail where the turnbuckle or pulley connects the two. We call this a hardware offset. On top of that, shade sails will stretch larger than their relaxed size. As a result, you have to accommodate for these modified dimensions when planning pole placement for our standards. We've taken the guesswork out of it for you and done all the math ourselves so you don't have to. Below the product description of each standard shade sail and structure kit are several downloadable spacing guides for turnbuckle or pulley install.

The dimensions listed on our shade sail product pages are what we call finished dimensions, or the dimensions of the relaxed sails. However, shade sails are designed to stretch and are offset from their attachment points by the hardware used to connect and tension them. Before purchasing a standard shade sail or shade structure kit, make sure to check the spacing and structure guides below for accurate spacing of poles or other attachment points. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our other installation resources as well to prepare for your install.

When you purchase one of our standard sails, before you install your poles, don't forget to check the spacing guide!


RS-912 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-912 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-912 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-912 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-914 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-914 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-914 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-914 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-916 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-916 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-916 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-916 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-918 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-918 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-918 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-918 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-1214 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1214 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1214 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-1214 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-1216 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1216 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1216 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-1216 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-1218 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1218 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1218 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-1218 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-1416 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1416 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1416 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-1416 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


RS-1418 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1418 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

RS-1418 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

RS-1418 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-9 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-9 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-9 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-9 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-12 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-12 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-12 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-12 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-13 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-13 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-13 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-13 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-14 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-14 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-14 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-14 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-15 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-15 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-15 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-15 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-16 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-16 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-16 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-16 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-17 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-17 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-17 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-17 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


SS-18 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-18 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

SS-18 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

SS-18 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-9 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-9 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-9 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-9 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-10 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-10 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-10 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-10 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-11 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-11 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-11 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-11 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-12 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-12 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-12 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-12 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-13 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-13 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-13 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-13 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-14 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-14 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-14 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-14 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-15 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-15 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-15 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-15 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-16 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-16 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-16 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-16 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-17 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-17 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-17 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-17 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf) 


TS-18 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-18 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-18 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-18 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-912 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-912 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-912 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-912 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-1217 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1217 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1217 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-1217 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-1318 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1318 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1318 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-1318 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-1420 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1420 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1420 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-1420 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-1521 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1521 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1521 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-1521 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-1622 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1622 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1622 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-1622 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-1724 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1724 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1724 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-1724 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)


TS-1825 Turnbuckle Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1825 Pulley Spacing Guide (pdf)

TS-1825 Turnbuckle Structure Guide (pdf)

TS-1825 Pulley Structure Guide (pdf)