Setting the Pole


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Setting a shade structure pole can really be quite easy, if you prepare properly. Hopefully, you did not get concrete on the anchor bolts, nuts and washers and hopefully the bottom/leveling nuts are not encased in the concrete. However, if you did, we will start with that instruction first.
  1. If your bottom/leveling nuts are encased in your footing concrete, you must chisel them out. They must be able to freely move.
  2. Remove all concrete from the anchor bolts with a wire brush and small broom.
  3. Re-apply WD40 to the all threads, nuts and washer to avoid corrosion and so that nuts can spin more freely.
  4. Test every nut on its corresponding anchor bolt to see that it spins freely as far down the anchor bolt as necessary.
  5. Set all of the bottom nuts and washer in as level a position as possible by eye. Then, with a small level placed on top of the washer, level all of the nuts in relationship to each other, leaving some room for adjustability between the nuts and the top of the footing.
  6. Set the remaining nuts and washers by each anchor bolt, in preparation for placing the pole on the now leveled nut/washer configuration.
Now that the anchor bolts, nuts and washers are prepared; it is time to install the pole itself.
  1. For most standard sized poles, a few individuals with average to above average strength should be able to lift the poles by hand. For larger, custom poles a crane or material handler may be needed to lift and suspend the pole over the hole. Whether by manual strength or machinery, the pole must be lifted and set on the anchor bolt cluster, with the baseplate resting on the washers.
  2. Once the pole has slid down all of the anchor bolts, have a separate individual quickly get at least a washer and nut hand tight on each corner to secure the pole. In some cases that will be all of the nuts and washers, while in larger custom settings, there may be more that also need to be applied. Regardless, it is important to lock down the corners first, before proceeding to any remaining nuts and washers.
  3. Now that all of the nuts and washers are hand tight and the pole is secure, you can proceed to leveling the pole.