Permanent vs. Temporary Shade Products

Shade Sail attached with Pulley

Our shade sails and shade structures are built with longevity in mind. The fabric is durable, UV resistant, and chemically inert, allowing it to stand up to harsh sunshine for years without being taken down. Our structures are engineered to withstand the regular ups and downs of weather patterns, and our tensioning hardware is over engineered to last. That being said, shade sails should not be left up in snow, so if you live in a colder climate, you may want to keep your shade sail up in the summer and take it down before the winter comes. Shade sails should also be removed in anticipation of hurricanes or other high-winded weather phenomena. Even if you don’t experience snow and hurricanes, but you still like the option of easily taking down your shade sail, we do have options for more temporary shade desires.


Using pulleys as opposed to our turnbuckle hardware allows for ease of install and take down. You’ll require nothing but a small wrench, a ladder, and your own hands to put your shade sail up or take it down. They work great for standard shade sails and those of comparable sizes.