Dry Packing a Shade Sail Baseplate



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Once your concrete has dried and your pole has been set and installed, it is time to dry pack or grout under your baseplate. Dry packing your pole helps stabilize the baseplate against the top of the footing. You will want to use a non-shrinking construction grout for this process.
  1. Mixing and application instruction are found on the product you purchase, but typically the mix is much thicker than concrete. Because the quantity you are using is fairly low, compared with the footing concrete, a wheelbarrow or mixing bucket should be sufficient.
  2. With a putty knife, trowel and even your hands, force the material between the bottom of the baseplate and the top of the footing. This gap could be up to a few inches, depending on how much you filled your hole with concrete.
  3. Lastly, clean up the edges with a putty knife or trowel and let dry.

    Special Note: It is important that you fill all of the voids under the pole. It is better to thoroughly pack and overfill than to have air pockets and voids. You can always shave off the excess. Also, be sure not to put any load on the poles until the dry pack has completely dried.