Attach Umbrella Membrane

attaching umbrella membrane

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With all of the arms attached and in place it is time to add the membrane.

  1. Make sure the shade sail perimeter wire rope has been run properly (see the “Perimeter Wire Rope - Turnbuckles & Pulleys” page for more information).
  2. The membrane needs to be draped over all four arms and the domed cap on the center pole. This works best with two people and a ladder.
  3. Connect each corner of the sail with a d-shackle. To do this, remove the pin from the shackle and attach it around the d-ring and cable (making sure the cable is on top of the d-ring) and the eye-bolt at the end of the long arm. Tighten the pin on the shackle with a wrench.
  4. With all four corners connected, pull the slack out of the perimeter wire rope and tighten the cable clamps. Make sure that the lose ends of the cable are fed back into the perimeter pocket.