Attaching Pulleys to a Shade Sail


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  1. Make sure you have installed the perimeter wire rope, added wire rope clamps, and attached pulleys to every corner.
  2. Attach the first corner by connecting the D-shackle to the connection point and the eye of the pulley. The pulleys can be completely loose at this point. The rope will not slip out of the pulleys as the end of the rope is knotted.
  3. Attach the remaining corners in the same way as the first; at this point the sail will be suspended but very loose.
  4. Start at one corner and pull on the loose end of rope to begin to bring the pulleys together, then tie the rope off to the cleat on the pole. The pulleys should still have some space between them at this point. If the sail has more than three corners, move to the opposite corner and pull and tie off the rope in the same way.  Repeat this process for the remaining corners. At this point the sail should be moderately tight. While attaching the corners of the sail, the wire rope should be sliding with the stretching fabric. Make sure that your wire rope clamps are loose enough that this can happen. Also, make sure that the wire rope remains on top of the D-rings.
  5. Remove slack from the wire rope if there is any. Push the loose ends further into the pocket as slack is pulled out of the corner loop. With slack removed from the wire rope, tighten down the nuts on the wire rope clamps with a ratchet or socket wrench.
  6. Once the wire rope clamps are tight, tighten down each corner of the sail by untying the end of the rope and pulling out more slack. Move from corner to corner and continue to tighten until your sail has achieved the tightness you desire.