4 Corner - Pulley Kit

  • 4:1 mechanical advantage
  • 1/4" UV stabilized 12 strand polyester rope
  • 3/16" stainless steel wire rope
  • Two wire rope clamps
  • Eight D-shackles
  • Note: Requires a cleat for each corner to tie off rope (sold separately)

Pulleys are made from 316 stainless steel with stainless steel hardware. Pulleys are designed for smooth operation and require no other tools to hang the sail. Provides for easy install and take down by allowing the sail to be tensioned by hand. 

The kit includes a stainless steel 3/16" wire rope that is to be run through the perimeter pocket of the tensile fabric sail to create a complete loop. Attach the wire rope to itself using the wire clamps. The hardware transfers the tensile load from the corners to the center of the sail to ensure your sail lasts for a long time and doesn't tear at the corners.


How to Run Perimeter Wire Rope for Pulleys

How to Attach a Pulley

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