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How to Use the Cleat Hitch to tie off your Pulley Corner

Taylor Bailey Infographics

How to Tie a Cleat HitchIn July, I wrote about just how easy shade sail install can be when pulleys are used. One of the great things about our pulleys is that they allow just one person to tension a shade sail without the assistance of a come-along or fiddle-block. You don’t need any tools to tighten and then secure the extra rope in the end to a cleat, just your two hands and a simple knot called the cleat hitch! This hitch is commonly used for tying boats to a dock, and works tremendously for this application, too. If you ever need to tighten your sail, you can simply untie the rope, pull it a bit tighter, and then retie the knot. The cleat hitch is an easy knot to learn and will help you to keep your shade sail taut and secure!

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