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How to Take Attachment Point Measurements

Taylor Bailey FAQ

When working with one of our project managers on a custom shade sail, one of the most important things to convey is accurate dimensions. If your poles or mounts are already installed, all you need to do is measure from attachment point to attachment point, and we can do the rest of the calculations for you! We’ll take into account the projected stretch of the fabric and hardware offset. 

What are Attachment Point Measurements?

What exactly does “attachment point to attachment point" mean? We need you to measure from the inside of the hole where your hardware will attach on one corner, to the same spot on every other corner. Like this:



Simply measuring the distance between poles won’t suffice, since it doesn’t take into account the variation in the height of attachment points. While these additional inches may not seem like a great deal, this extra distance could mean the difference between a shade sail that fits properly and one that does not.

Don't Forget the Diagonals!

Remember that we need every dimension, not just the perimeter. On any sail with more than three corners, it is important to include all diagonal measurements. This is because there are many shapes that can be made with the same perimeter lengths. For example, each of the below shapes have the same side lengths, but are clearly different:


Shapes & Dotted Lines


Imagine laying out your new sail to find out it looks like shape 3 when you were looking for a square. Nobody wants that. You may find it helpful to label each corner and then fill out a list of dimensions as shown below:


List of dimensions


Or simply draw in the dimensions like this:


Dimensions on Sail


Whatever method you choose, if you provide accurate attachment point measurements to one of our project managers, we will pattern your shade sail to perfectly compliment your outdoor living space.

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