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FAQ: How Should I Measure Dimensions?

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measuring dimensionsWhen working with one of our project managers on a custom shade project, one of the first things he or she will ask you for is dimensions. There are generally two ways to convey desired dimensions, and it is important to understand the distinction.

Attachment Point Measurements

If you already have attachment points installed, the best way to make sure your sail fits that space is to measure from attachment point to attachment point. This can be a tab, eye bolt, wall mount, etc. We will use those measurements to pattern your sail, accommodating for the stretch of the fabric and the hardware offset.

Finished Dimensions 

If you don't have any attachment points installed yet, you'll need to provide finished dimensions. These are the desired dimensions of the sail when it is relaxed. When deciding which dimensions you need, be sure to allow for the fabric stretch and whatever offset your hardware of choice provides. For information on hardware offsets, check out our article on tensioning hardware.


Which Method Should I Use?

For shade sails, if you already have attachment points, measure those. Otherwise, use finished dimensions. Roman shades and shade panels don't stretch the same way shade sails are designed to, so all dimensions given for these products will be taken as finished dimensions. If you have further questions about your specific application, as always, feel free to contact us!


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