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Baseplate Detail

Using Your Own Hardware

Tensioning hardware is a critical factor in maintaining tension in your shade sail. We offer turnbuckles and pulleys for standard shade sails and commercial brackets for larger shade sails. You can provide your own hardware, but we will not pattern for it. That is to say, we will not take into account fabric stretch and hardware offset from attachment point measurements. We will require finished dimensions. Learn the difference between attachment point measurements and finished dimensions to see why you'll want to use attachment point measurements if at all possible.

Larger shade sails use commercial brackets and have different corner shapes and reinforcements to accommodate greater forces. However, if you are using your own hardware, we can only put d-rings in the corners. This will make your corner less prepared to withstand the strong forces exerted in large shade sails. As a result, we do encourage you to use our hardware designed specifically for our shade sails to ensure the best functionality.