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General Shade Sail Spacing Guide

The space required to hang a sail needs to be larger than the dimensions of the finished sail.  This accounts for the attachment hardware used as well as the stretch of the sail. Turnbuckle hardware sold by Tenshon is 7.5” closed and 10” open. Pulley hardware is designed to have a closed measurement from 15"-18".


  • Each pole or anchor point should be placed on a line that bisects the corner angle of the sail. This will evenly apply tension to all edges of the sail to reduce sagging and bunching at the corners.

Right and wrong way to angle sail

  • Anchor points should be strong and secure. When anchoring into a building, avoid attaching into fascia or soffits. Instead, use structural elements like studs, roof trusses or concrete filled CMU.
  • Height variation at the corners will not only create a pleasing aesthetic, it will also help the sail preform the way it is designed to. For sails with four of more corners we recommend approximately one foot of height difference for every 5 feet between posts or anchor points.


  • Use turnbuckles or pulleys because they allow the sail to be tensioned after all the corners are attached to the anchor points.

DISCLAIMER: These instructions are provided as a courtesy to Tenshon® customers and are to be used only as general guidelines.  Tenshon accepts no responsibility for installations.  If you are unsure about your installation, please consult a qualified builder or engineer.