Shade Sail Design Challenge Scholarship

Here at Tenshon® we are excited to launch an amazing new scholarship opportunity for students who would like to be rewarded for putting their brains to work. Scholarships are available for both fall and spring semesters so we invite you to read all about the opportunity and the contest process below!

About Tenshon® and the Scholarship:

At Tenshon® we have the interesting and challenging task of merging form and function, creativity with practicality…and we employ valued individuals who glorify these tasks on a daily basis. Whether we are working on large commercial projects, such as stadiums and corporate offices, or taking on more intimate residential spaces, our designers must learn to adapt quickly, perform creatively and think practically.

With that, we are extending that same challenge to college students everywhere, who are interested in the fields of architecture, design and/or engineering to create a unique shade sail structure using our standard sized shade sails. The purpose of this scholarship design contest is to ultimately expand your mind to the possibilities found in the tensile fabric industry and reward the stand-out students who best display an aptitude for shade sail design.

Scholarship Award Amount:

$1,500.00 (per semester)

Entry Deadlines:

Fall Semester - July 15th

Spring Semester - December 15th

Scholarship Award Dates:

Fall Semester - August 1st

Spring Semester - January 1st

How to Enter

  • Locate our standard sized shade sails.
  • Using the standard shade sails, create a unique design of your own that you think will stand out among the rest!
  • Using Sketchup, send your design to

NOTE: Only Sketchup files will be accepted -- do not send a JPG or TIFF snapshot of your creation.

The subject line of your email must include your first name, last name and the name of your college.

How Do We Select a Winner?

Based on the following criteria, a winner will be chosen by the current design team, engineering department and management at Tenshon®:

  1. Creativity – Above all, we want a designer that thinks outside the box. Be creative!
  2. Build-Ability – The designed shade sail system must be build-able. Feel free to use our website as a reference and/or seek other information about limitations of shade sails. NOTE: We do not expect perfection here, but an obvious attempt must be made to design a shade sail system into a setting that can feasibly exist.
  3. Practicality – Shade sails gained their name because they provide shade. While art has its place, we must merge art and function to satisfy the number one need of our clients: shade. All designs must therefore provide shade in the obvious places of your chosen setting.
  4. Location – The applicability of the space will also be judged. It is important that you research images and find out what setting these structures are typically found within. Creativity here will be rewarded, however, be sure to adhere to points #2 and #3 (above) as well.

Rules and Regulations

  • You must be a currently enrolled college student!
  • All entries must utilize only our standard shade sails.
  • All entries must include at least two shade sails in the design. There is no limitation on how many you can use, just be sure to implement at least two.
  • All designs must include more than just a stand-alone shade sail; the student should also design the environment in which they are placing the shade sails. (i.e. pool area, patio off a house, roof top deck, etc).
  • It is acceptable to use 3D Warehouse for pre-designed spaces and objects, without penalty. NOTE: Although overall design appeal is helpful, we are grading the use and design of the sails within the space and not the space itself.
  • Students are not allowed to contact Tenshon® directly for design advice or services in their effort to produce their submission. Any student found doing so (at any stage of the contest) will be disqualified.
  • Once submitted, all designs will become the property of Tenshon® and can be used by Tenshon® for any purpose, regardless of whether or not the submission wins.
  • Tenshon® may choose not to award a scholarship for any given semester if the applicants do not follow all of the rules and regulations and/or if no submissions meet the scholarship committee's quality and creativity standards.

Questions? Contact Us: