Pool Swings


Tenshon's swimming pool rope swings are an excellent way to add to the fun and excitement of any new or existing pool. The list of information below will help you decide if a pool swing is right for you.

  1. Tenshon's pool swings come in 3 standard height sizes: 8 foot, 13 foot, and 15 foot.
  2. We also offer custom engineered solutions for any height outside of the standard offerings. 
  3. We engineer all of our custom and standard swings within the bounds of safety and practicality. If it isn't going to be safe, we won't manufacture it.
  4. They can be installed on any existing swimming pool, or included in the plans for a new pool build.
  5. Our products are built to last. Rest assured your family will enjoy the fun of having a pool swing for many years to come.

You can purchase our 3 standard swing sizes in our online store now. If you think a custom solution is required for your pool, contact one of our expert project managers for help engineering the right solution for you.

See examples of pool rope swings in our Photo Gallery

Ready to buy? Find pool swings in our online store.

Visit our Learning Center to learn more about swimming pool rope swings, find valuable information on how to install pool swings or planning your next pool swing project.