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rope and lashed shade panel

How to Mechanically Attach Panels

The panel should be attached to a frame that is larger than the panel, allowing it to be stretched taut.

  1. Tie the rope to the frame near one corner.
  2. Thread the rope through the first grommet then around the frame. Pass the rope through the next grommet, around the frame, and back through the grommet. Continue threading in the same manner through each grommet. The rope does not need to be tight at this point.
  3. Once the rope is threaded all the way around the perimeter it can be tightened. Start where the rope is attached to the frame. Work around the panel tightening the rope. To ensure that the tension is consistent on every edge, make several passes pulling tighter with each pass. When the desired tension is reached, tie the rope off to the frame.