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Shade Sails

Shade sails are artistic canopies that provide sun shade and UV protection for playgrounds, swimming pools, backyard patios, and other outdoor living spaces. They offer not only escape from the sun but creative displays for anything from a backyard pool to a rooftop restaurant. We use high quality shade fabric to manufacture standard and custom shade sails in the United States and distribute them worldwide.

The inward curves along the sides of each shade fabric membrane are indicative of shade sails and are engineered to help evenly spread and distribute the tension placed at each connection point through the entire sail. This prevents the concentration of tension at the corners, which reduces the risk of tear and makes our shade sails durable and long lasting. The result is a sail shaped sunshade capable of providing functional shade in an iconic architectural form.

Standard Shade and Design Customization

While we have assorted standard shapes and sizes on our website, many of our customers find that their specific application requires custom designs. We want to help you shade your space perfectly, and that’s why we have a team of project managers to help in all stages from idea conception to design finalization. Even if you’re implementing standard products, but have questions about installation or specific functions, our team is happy to provide the answers you need. Each of the standard products on our website has a custom counterpart, so whether you’re looking for a custom shade sail or a pool swing, don’t hesitate to contact us to talk with a project manager one on one.

Roman Shades

Like our shade sail products, our roman shades also provide artistic and functional shade from the sun. Unlike our shade sails, however, the roman shades are suspended from two parallel cables, giving them freedom of lateral movement. They provide a more traditional shading experience and are capable of extending and retracting to create a transitional space. They can block the heat of the sun or be drawn back to let in the view of a beautiful night sky. Romans are a great addition to other patio sun shade structures like pergolas.

Shade Panels

In addition to roman shades, shade panels are excellent ways to take advantage of already existing structures to provide protection from the sun. With three easy installation methods, shade panels are a quick, yet sturdy way to turn any fence or frame into a more effective shade structure. Because shade panels are so often attached to existing frames, they can be custom designed for your individual needs. We’ve even had a customer use a shade panel for a DIY shade on his RV, because it was cheaper and easier than a typical awning. Whether in a baseball dugout or over a backyard barbecue, our shade panels provide fantastic shelter from the heat of the sun.

Pool Swings

Pool swings can easily transform your swimming pool into a source of endless fun and entertainment. Give your pool a unique edge to set it apart from others and provide hours of summertime fun. Engineering services are available to ensure the safety of yourself and your children, so you can confidently include a pool rope swing in your plans to build a pool or add one to an existing pool.

Permanent Umbrellas

Unlike other patio umbrellas that need to be closed or put away when the wind picks up, our permanent shade umbrellas are designed to remain open and fixed, even when those high winds roll in. They are secured with a baseplate at the bottom, and the arms are locked into place with a fabric membrane pulled taut over the top. Shade umbrellas look great poolside, over tables at outdoor restaurants, and in other outdoor areas.

Installation Resources

While we are primarily a manufacturer, we have years of experience in installing our shade structures in Arizona and providing install support nationwide. We have a comprehensive library of videos and other installation resources to aid in anything from simple backyard to large commercial projects. For additional questions, contact us to speak with a member of our team about your inquiry.

Residential Shade

The functionality and aestheticism of shade sails and other shade products make them the perfect addition to any backyard. Aside from being a great source of shade, their sleek designs in a variety of colors add beauty to the yard. With dozens of standard combinations and the ability to create custom shade products, there are endless ways to add unique style to your home. See how others have enhanced their backyards with one or more of our shade products.

Commercial Application

Give your outdoor space an architectural edge by using shade sails to both block the sun and please the eye. Help your park, playground or swimming pool stand out, or create a classy, professional look for your outdoor restaurant or business area. Make use of our standard sails or work with one of our friendly project managers to design custom shade sails to fit your exact needs. Take a look at some creative uses of shade sails to shade swimming pools, playgrounds, outdoor restaurants and more.

Shading and UVR

Our shade sails, roman shades and other shading products provide between 91% and 99% UVR blockage. The shade provided can lower ambient air temperature beneath the sail upwards of 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, because the shade fabric is breathable, it will not trap the heat beneath. Instead, our shade sails and other shade products create an open and cool transitional space.

Professional Services

As the manufacturer, Tenshon is able to provide a variety of services.  Our shading professionals can be involved from the early stages of shade sail and shade structure conception, design and engineering, through project fulfillment and manufacturing to install support and supervision.  At Tenshon, we make your shade sail or roman shade project professional and successful.

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