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Common Customization Questions

When it comes to customizing your shade sail, shade panel, or roman shade, you have many options. You can adjust pole heights, side lengths, and color, to name a few. However there are some limitations that are imposed by practicality. Here are our answers to a few questions we are frequently asked about customization. Odds are, we won't answer all your questions here, but that's okay! Contact us for more specifics on customizability.

Can I Pick Catenary Depth?

Catenaries are the curved edges around the perimeter of each shade sail. The purpose of this is to distribute tension evenly throughout the fabric, reducing the risk of tear. Our shade sails have standard catenary depths based on functionality, but if you have specific needs, we may be able to accommodate. Because catenary depth is a part of what helps the shade sail perform correctly, deviations from the standard may affect functionality and may void your warranty. If that is the case, your project manager will make sure you understand any changes in warranty before proceeding.

Can I Put Grommets on a Shade Sail?

Shade sails are designed to stretch and therefore cannot have grommets on any of the sides. Additionally, the perimeter pocket must be free for wire rope to pass through in order to evenly distribute tension. Any grommets on the perimeter would hinder this from happening, thus greatly decreasing the functionality of your shade sail. If you need to place grommets around the perimeter, then a shade panel is the right product for you.

Can I Put D-Rings on a Shade Panel?

Traditionally our shade panels have grommets around the perimeter, but you may put D-rings on the corners at an additional cost. One reason you may want to put D-rings on a panel would be if you are only attaching it at the corners. Grommets are designed to spread out the load to many points, but don’t work as well for corner-only attaching. If you are only attaching at the corners you may want to consider using a shade sail.

Can I Dictate Seams?

Our fabric rolls are 9’ 10”, and thus any shade sail wider than that will contain seams. Seam location is dictated by optimization of fabric yield, and any request for a change in seam location or orientation lowers the efficiency of fabric use. Therefore, we rarely accommodate such requests, and if we do, there will be a price difference you will need to take into account.

Can I Dictate Rib Spacing on a Roman Shade?

As a reference, we aim to space each rib of our roman shades about 36” apart. This allows for about 18” of drop down when the roman is fully retracted, keeping it out of the way. Using rib spacing that is much larger would allow too much drop down, and smaller rib spacing is simply inefficient and impractical. Contact a project manager for information on specific pricing and limitations of extra ribs.

More Questions? Feel free to ask!

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