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Challenge 2: Crack the Code!

Taylor Bailey

Can you crack the code and enter to win $100?? Go to Tenshon’s homepage and use the code below to discover the key word! Post your answer in the comments here. On Friday, we'll show the winner's comment below. Just so you can be sure you’re doing it right, we’ll even give you the first letter. It’s “U”!


  • 1st paragraph, 1st sentence, 8th word, 2nd letter
  • 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence, 3rd word, 6th letter
  • 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence, 3rd word, 3rd letter
  • 4th paragraph, 1st sentence, 4th word, 3rd letter
  • 5th paragraph, 1st sentence, 3rd word, 1st letter
  • 6th paragraph, 1st sentence, 3rd word, 4th letter
  • 7th paragraph, 2nd sentence, 2nd word, 5th letter

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